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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today's show (along with that of sister series Let's Make a Deal) was bumped today for an expanded edition of CBS This Morning covering the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Obviously, all of our thoughts and/or prayers are with the people of Moore, especially the victims of Mother Nature's wrath and their families, during this time.

As for Price, we'll simply try again tomorrow.  Some things just have to take priority, and a pre-recorded game show can wait.  (Coming soon, I will try to get a list of the make-good airings during the summer; my notes show there will be a fairly large number compared to last year.)

UPDATE (1:02 PM EDT):  It seems that some stations did get an episode today, though whether it was the one scheduled for today or an emergency repeat is unclear at this time.  


  1. Posted the recap on the GSN forum.