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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Returning Soon to a Turntable Near You...

From the Twitter account of one Mike Richards, here's a look at a game most of us had given up for dead.  Check it out:

No word yet as to when it'll actually return, but based on this photo, I suspect the episode where it makes its re-debut is already in the can and waiting to come around in airing order.

All that remains now is Credit Card, and I think they may have just scrapped that one altogether.  But, you never know.

UPDATE (7:46 PM EDT):  A Tweet from Drew Carey gives us the pertinent info:


  1. June 20th per Drew Carey.

  2. I just hope people remember how to play this. If not...

    For the record, here's how to play. You write the check for any amount. When the check amount is added to the price of the prize, if the total is within a given range ($3K-$3.5K from '81 to '89; $5K-$6K from '89 to '08; $7K-$8K since '08), they win the amount in the check and the prize. If not, the check is VOIDed.

  3. Don't forget - It annoys Bob Barker if you tell him you don't understand the Check Game!

  4. Replies
    1. Still no word on Card Game one way or the other, but given this development, I wouldn't start giving up hope on that one until 2016 at the earliest.

    2. I thought Card Game was to have come back with a new logo Mike Richards tweeted a pic with and a new set and format this TPIR Season 41 but is now rumored to return in TPIR Season 42 as long as it doesn't pull a planned out of the rotation for a new look or retooling but get it retired instead situation like it happened to TPIR past games now retired Penny Ante, On The Spot, and Time is Money.

  5. Besides the fates of Credit Card and Card Game, what are the chances for these pricing games to get retired?:
    Stack the Deck
    Gas Money
    and of course, That's Too Much!

    1. I forgot about Triple Play to get retired.

    2. On a scale of zero to ten, with a zero meaning no chance and a ten meaning absolute metaphysical certitude (™ The McLaughlin Group:

      Stack the Deck: 2.
      Gas Money: 1.
      Temptation: 0.
      That's Too Much!: 1.
      Triple Play: 4, maybe even as high as 5.