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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Season 42 Update...

The first words have come in from the first tapings of the new season, which will begin airing the week of 23 September.

While nothing's filtered out -- yet -- as regards the new Pricing Game, Do the Math, we here at the Towers have uncovered a rather interesting bit of news regarding exactly how the show intends to commemorate thirty years of Plinko.

The episode airing Friday 27 September will be quite possibly the most unique Spectacular since Price began doing themed episodes a few years back.  Not even Big Money Week compares to this stunt:

On that episode, specifically designated as Plinko's anniversary show, it will be the first game played.

As well as the second.

And the third, too.

In fact, all six Pricing Game spots on that episode will be Plinko.

I'm... not certain if this is a good thing or not.  It's good in the sense that it's a cool-sounding stunt on paper, and certainly Plinko's status as the most popular Pricing Game of all time merits such an outlandish promotion.  And just to keep things from getting too monotonous, some of the Plinkos will feature different prizes up for grabs in the slots, such as cars and trips.  However, nothing like this has ever been attempted before, so this risks incurring the wrath of the traditional fans who'll undoubtedly raise the roof over such a blatant publicity stunt.  Also, given the way Plinko's been going lately, you can't help but feel like it's tempting some kind of fate having it played six times in one day.

I'm cool with it, though, in the end.  It should make for a most interesting episode, if nothing else -- and it's not as if this is going to happen all the time anyway.  As a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I'm actually kinda looking forward to it... provided, of course, that ever-capricious board is actually in a good mood when we get there.

We'll know in about thirteen weeks hence...


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  1. Anyway, when you post your summary for that day, it would get a laugh out of it.