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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some Brief Notes on Season 42...

Season 42 of The Price is Right will begin the week of 23 September 2013, and will begin taping tomorrow.  As of this moment, here's what we know:

  • A new Pricing Game will debut on the season premiere.  Right now all we know is its name -- Do the Math.  This may be the game that Mike Richards referred to in an online interview not long ago, that the show was working on introducing a new game based on math.  Until we hear back some reports from the taping on which it first appears, I cannot and will not speculate on anything.  Games based on math can be good and enduring (Take Two), or they can be unmitigated disasters (Add 'em Up), and until we at least know the format of Do the Math it's impossible to say which way the winds are blowing this time.
  •  They will be celebrating Plinko's thirtieth anniversary (airdate of first playing: 3 January 1983) during the premiere week.
  • Apparently bolstered by the success, at least in publicity terms, of Big Money Week a few months back, Season 42 will feature something called "Dream Car Week" and "Million Dollar Week."  Your guess is as good as anyone's at this point...
  • The taping schedule includes earmarks for various specials, such as Grandparents' Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, Breast Cancer Awareness, and more to come.
That's all I can share at this time, because that's pretty much all I know at this time.  Obviously we'll be hearing more about this as the tapings progress and we start hearing back from the people who were in attendance about things like set changes, new models, how the new game is played, etc. and when I get those reports, I'll put up something here about it if at all possible.

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