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Friday, December 13, 2013

Public announcement...

There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just come right out with it.

As of the end of Season 42, I am officially retiring once and for all as a Price is Right recapper.

I don't make this decision lightly.  I've been doing this for seven years now as of the end of next month, and I've had more fun doing it than I've ever had in my life while watching this.  For me personally, it's kinda been the fulfillment of a dream I had since I discovered the Internet in 1994, specifically the old group on Usenet and seeing the daily Price recaps posted there by Jeremy Soria.  His recaps were always full of snarky commentary and running gags, and I hope I've managed to convey some of that extra entertainment value in my own work here.

Sadly, my life is getting just a bit too unpredictable these days to be able to guarantee that I'll be able to continue doing these to the same level of quality you've come to expect from this corner of the Internet.  So rather than run the risk of jumping that everpresent shark (an expression I really dislike, by the way, but what can you do?), I think it's best for all concerned if I go out while I'm still proud of what I do.

That's the bad news.  The good news is, I think I can manage to see out the remainder of this season, however, at least up through the Independence Day special in July.  That's at least another 6-7 months during which time we'll be getting together like this, so don't think you'll be rid of me quite this soon.  ;^)

As to what happens next, I haven't made up my mind yet.  I may turn the keys to this blog over to someone else, I might not.  Stay tuned for updates on this matter, and I am open to suggestions.  (Just do yourself and me a favor:  Do not put in any "applications" to take over this job.  Until I specifically say otherwise, I am not accepting applicants, and will delete any such request unread if I get them.  When/if I'm ready to start looking for a successor, you'll know.)

I'll have more to say about this at a later time.  For now, however, I just wanted to give the heads-up.  

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