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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Idiot Alert, and Special Announcement

Trigger warning (oh snap): Anti-Semitic hate speech is quoted in this post.

First, let me preface this by saying, I didn't want it to have to come to this.  All this does is drag me down to the level of the person who's trying -- without success, I might add -- to get under my skin and make me lose my mind.  I almost feel like I'm validating him by even acknowledging his existence, let alone doing what I'm about to do.  But sometimes, you just have to take a stand for what's right and to hell with the consequences... so that's what I'm going to do.

I should also note that this post has nothing at all to do with The Price is Right or game shows in general, or if it does it involves them only tangentially.  If that's not something you're interested in, you're free to ignore this altogether.  On the other hand, if you're curious about what goes on around here that you don't see, feel free to take a peek behind the curtain... just don't complain too much about what you'll see.

Now, with all of that out of the way...

For about the past year or so, there has been a concentrated effort by a single person to wage some sort of crusade against all forms of civil discourse in the game show fandom.  This person, who usually goes by the name of "Shaun Shaffer" or some variant thereof, has taken it upon himself to relentlessly troll blogs, message boards, and YouTube accounts with seemingly no other purpose than to stir up trouble.  And this blog has been one of the sites he seems to have targeted as his own personal playground.

Apparently, however, Mr. Shaffer -- if indeed that is his real name, but for the sake of clarity I'll assume that it is -- fails to realize that none of his comments actually make it out of my moderation queue.  Indeed, he may not realize at all that comments here are even moderated to begin with.  Therefore, he's really only ranting at himself when he tries something here.  And if it were only my site he was attacking I'd be more than content to just let him stew in his own little limbo for as long as he can stand it, until he realized that he was never going to get a rise out of me and moved on to something more productive to do with his time.

But it's not just me.  Apparently Mr. Shaffer is one of those misguided souls whose only means of expressing himself is through bile and hatred, and in using this language in a pathetic attempt to gain attention.  Most of his diatribes involve racial slurs, religious epithets, sexist terminology, and a laundry list of other things besides.

And every time he tries to send a message to me, it usually follows a certain theme.  Let's see if you can guess what it is.  The following are actual quotes from attempted comments he's tried to leave on my recaps, which have never been published until now.  Please note that these snippets have not been edited for content, only so you get the full effect of what he tries to get my goat with (and then join me in laughing at the attempt):

"This is a skunked show no matter what YOU call it. This was an EL Skunko. This should be the sign for you to quit. I sure would. "

"Switcheroo needs to be retired. It has been a year since it was last won. The only way it will EVER be won again will be sheer dumb luck. There was no way in hell Pocket Change was going to be won. Seriously,you need to quit if you know what's good for you. "

"You are a jackass. I also don't like when you add about when someone wins their showcase and misses the DSW by a little bit. Don't be a douchebag. QUIT,YOU FUCKING JEW!"

"Devin,what kind of crack are you smoking by actually liking Gas Money? Why the hell won't you just quit? You would do everybody a favor and you would keep your sanity. "

[Turning his ire on another commentor:]
"[Name withheld for protection],shut up! Why don't you watch some Barker era episodes and relive the "good old days",you Golden Fanboi. Devin,you are right. You ARE a jerk. QUIT! "

"Just Quit!"

I think you're getting the idea.

Well, Mr. Shaffer, since you want me to quit so badly, I'm hereby pleased to make the following announcement:

My planned "retirement" at the end of Season 42 is hereby postponed.  Indefinitely.  This blog WILL continue into Season 43 and beyond.

I'd like to personally thank Shaun Shaffer.  Yes, thank him.  Suddenly I realize that if human garbage like this is trying to talk me into walking away from something, that must mean I'm doing the right thing after all by sticking to my guns.

So, thanks, Shaun.  It's all because of you that I will not only NOT be quitting in the forseeable future, but also for giving me the cojones to expose you as the sad and pathetic little man you really are.  You cannot and will not take a fandom I'm involved with and turn it into your own personal cesspool simply because you don't know any other way to express yourself, and know this:  The more you try to get under my skin and think you're "threatening" me, the more I'm just laughing at you and happily deleting every word you try to send me.  You're so ignorant, in fact, you don't even realize that most of the YouTube accounts you're trolling aren't even being actively used, and the ones that are don't think you're even important enough to reply to.

In other words, Shaun, you have completely and utterly failed at just about everything you've tried to do over the past year.  So maybe it's not me who should just quit.  Maybe it's you.

There.  I've said my piece, and I feel like the weight of the freakin' world is now off my shoulders.  Mr. Shaffer can now return to the limbo to which I have consigned him, and I shall neither say his name or even acknowledge his existence henceforth.  Frankly, he isn't even worth the effort.  To quiclky sum up:  The retirement is off, and barring a radical change in my life situation it will be business will be as usual henceforth.


  1. Insert the sound effect of a large audience clapping happy

  2. Insert happy people, delete ¨Mr. Shaffer¨.

  3. Hear hear; I would have missed you. I DVR the show everyday and read you commets just after the scene on the TV; I love your comments and I have learned a lot. Also when I have weather problems with my sat dish or the show is prempted, You are a life saver. Don't let pathetic losers get you down.

  4. Is there any way to block that loser? Glad to see you'll continue to do these.

    1. I've tried, many times. The only thing I found that worked at all was putting a general IP block on his domain, but that ended up locking out a lot of legitimate users as well as the troll.

      The sanest approach is to just continue to delete his comments unpublished whenever he tries to post them, and outside of that go on treating him like he doesn't exist. (That's one reason I was so reluctant to even post this. Acknowledging his existence only emboldens him. Unfortunately, ignoring him produces the identical effect...)

  5. They say a man is judged by the strength (If that's the proper word) of his enemies. And now I see why. Nice to see cooler heads prevailing in the face of adversity. Keep doing what you love and loving what you do, Devin. We need more of your kind in the world.

  6. the toolator filter does not work on him, we have to find another way to blacklist him

  7. As if all that weren't enough, he continues to rant that high-paying games like Golden Road and Triple Play will never be won again, just because they haven't been fully won in the past 6 years (but it's mostly only because of their shortage of playings each season).

    He's dead wrong. Temptation had a lot more playings without a car win during its long 5-year non-winning streak.

    He also keeps thinking TPIR is rigged. Obviously, he doesn't know a thing about the Quiz Show Scandals, which led to the prohibition of fixing game shows.

    1. Yes, I've seen some of the crap he's tried to send your way. This guy needs psychiatric help.

  8. Thanks for the warning. I hate to have him on my WWE/UFC site. I would ban him in a heartbeat. As for you quitting, I'm glad you're not doing so. I personally how much fun you have following the show. That is something you just can't buy!