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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Not today...

There will be no recap today, due to DVR malfunction and the loss of my very final shred of patience with's web player.

Hopefully things are fixed tomorrow.

(Note:  I know where I can get the statistics for the day.  I appreciate your wanting to help, but I'm taken care of already in that department.   Please, don't offer to help, as it would only be redundant at this stage.)

If you must know what happened, here's the very quick-and-dirty results:

Money Game: Lost.
Step Up: Lost on the second pick.  Annoying, as this is always a favorite of mine.
Bonkers!: Lost due to Deer-in-the-Headlights.
Master Key: Wipeout.  (The Clock Game-style prize reveal now seems to be permanent, BTW.)
Check Game: Won!  Only the second time since it came back!
Switch?: Lost.

Showcase Showdowns: One $1,000 bonus given away in each.
Showcases: The dreaded DOB strikes again...

Total: $15,569 (out of over $127,938 on offer)

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