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Sunday, May 25, 2014

My absence explained...

Not to get too graphic about it, but suffice to say that I got really ungodly sick again around about Wednesday afternoon.  It actually happened while I was working on the recap for Wednesday's episode, I just started to suffer really, really nasty intestinal cramping just as I was typing up the second Showcase Showdown.  (And no, the episode wasn't that bad, it was literally something I ate for lunch that put me under the table.)  I spent the rest of Wednesday, virtually all of Thursday, and the lion's share of Friday in bed, literally too much in pain to move more than a couple of inches at a time, except to the bathroom when necessary.  (And believe me, it was necessary.  Many times.  But again, I'd rather not get too graphic.)  By mid-Saturday things had improved to the point where I could at least get in some time at the computer, and tonight I'm nearly back to full capacity.

So what I'm really trying to say here is that my impromptu vacation is over and I'll be back tomorrow as usual.  Thanks for sticking by me, and my apologies for missing the last several days -- but it couldn't have been helped, believe me. 

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