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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Not today...

Just when I thought I could finally get through one week without missing a show, my DVR konks out on me.  Lovely.

Try again tomorrow, folks...


  1. Oh, that's okay. Today's episode contained a playing of Ten Chances, which I would personally rank as even worse of a game than Professor Price, Bullseye 1, Double Digits, Joker, and Gallery Game!

    Your DVR did you a favor. Trust me!

  2. Socially awesome week starts june 2nd-6th, and this will be price's first ever attempt at connecting with social media users in its entire 42 year existence.

    I think another of the older games is confirmed to appear again with a facelift (credit card) tomorrow. I read that at that it would.

    there are points where i don't or can't watch the show, as alex-8899 was saying the DVR did you a great service.

    1. Can I trouble you for a link to the G-R thread where you read that Credit Card was coming back? I'm not seeing anything on that whole site to that effect.

    2. Boy, if it's not one thing it's another, huh? I've been there before. Hopefully that DVR didn't suffer any long-term damage.
      But, yeah. 1-5 w/ a Magic Number flop, a 10 Chances train wreck, a bait & switch in 1 Wrong Price, and el Hijo del Cheapo sunk another one.
      This was probably worth missing.

  3. today brief results
    Punch-a-Bunch : tech loss(won $2,500, first slip is $1,000)
    one wrong price : loss
    money game : loss(won $192)
    push over : won
    ten chances : loss(won $60, $670 prize)
    magic number : loss
    SCSD : nothing special, though $1K bonus in First SCSD
    showcases : nothing special, either. only outright winner wins $37,427.
    total winning : $47,654