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Friday, August 22, 2014

Season 43 Update...

Well, sort of.  For now, we can only share this sneak-peek of the updated set, courtesy of BuzzerBlog, taken from the Plinko Perch or thereabouts:

[Pic taken from Instagram; original viewable here.  If the original poster objects to its presence here, it will be removed upon request.]

This pic was taken during a taping set-up, so not everything is turned on yet.  Most notably, the LED light borders around the big doors are dark.  The darker squares you see on the doors themselves will also be lit up once you see it on camera, giving them lighting effects similar to the Turntable/Home Base area.  You can, however, clearly see the new "throwback" door frames here, and if you look closely, they've found a way to keep the G-T asterisks in that part of the set.

Still no word on which Pricing Game will get a visual refresh during the first week of the season; based on previously-leaked photos, however, we know it won't be Clock Game or More or Less.  Nor do we have any confirmation, official or otherwise, that the "rebooted" game will be Credit Card.

Stay tuned for more info, as 22 September looms closer on the horizon...


  1. I think it could be Golden Road or Triple Play getting more visually appealing (as both have not been won for a long time, the latter has not been won in a full 8 years since Drew took over the program) , but again we don't know what game could get visually cleaned up. what game could get more appealing i think is those without internal electronic parts on the inside controlling gameplay like with ten chances and those who don't use LEDs or other lighting types.

  2. I think its ten chances getting a reboot

    1. Got anything to base this on, or is this just wishful thinking? Remember, 10 Chances just got a visual refresh just 3-4 seasons ago, so I rather doubt it this soon.

  3. its wishful thinking, i have nothing to base it on.

    Card game just got one, race game could be my next candidate, freeze frame, rat race could but that's host created, pay the rent, or any other one of the 70+games in this shows existence.

    could a retired game be pulled out to be refreshed for this day and age, possibly. could it be a new game being put into the lineup? who knows, its something to find out.

    do you think it will be an older game Devin that hasn't had much significant change in the 43 years the show has been on the air?

  4. it looks like i am right its a retired game, its the return of the time is money game as refreshed with electronic parts.