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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Nothing today...

Apparently, #UDecide voted to turn my DVR into a useless pile of garbage today; all that recorded was a pixelated and indecipherable mass of digital video vomit, with only very occasional glimpses of something that looked vaguely like a Pricing Game or the Big Wheel.

Therefore, since I refuse to wrestle with a web player that redefines the term "masochism," I have to skip today and instead direct you to the usual alternate sources (, G-R) if you want the rundown of what happened.

Hopefully technology will be on my side tomorrow so this won't happen again.  Sorry, folks...


  1. There was a $16,000+ Time is Money win, a Temptation bailout, Double Prices played for a decided by the Twitter fans Carribean Cruise, and Cliffhangers with the Yodely Guy version of Rachel Reynolds.

    1. What's more, Rachel herself provided the yodeling a la Walter from Feb. 2000!
      Player lost, though...

  2. Qwizx time!

    st Four: Trevor Friel
    Diane Norman
    Peter Lutz
    Aneitra Owens

    Models: James O'Halloran
    Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith
    Rachel Reynolds

    Mic: Rachel Reynolds

    1 Portable Pizza Oven, Robocoupe Food Processor & Home Styles Kitchen Island w/ 2 Stools (G/J)($2248)
    TREVOR 1048 DIANE 1150 PETER 800 ANEITRA 751

    Diane is hoping to win a Flexsteel Leather Chair &
    Ottoman (R), a Bote Board Inflatable Paddleboard (J)
    and an LG 70" 3D LED TV (G) by picking out the Most

    1 2 (3)
    $2094 $1249 $3100 WIN

    Chealsey Ramage

    2 16Gb iPhone6 & 1 Yr 4Gb/Unlimited Talk & TextSvc ($1969)
    Trevor 551 CHEALSEY 2000 Peter 550 Aneitra 1600

    Aneitra could go home with a Nissan Frontier SV
    Truck (std)(R) simply by winning That's Too Much!

    $22,160 $23,500 $24,921 [$26,451] $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
    $24,630 LOSS

    Head over to to see if #UDecide wanted to
    either peek at George's Podium or have Rachel give a tour
    of the prop storage area.

    Staci-Jean Cahoon

    3 Escalade Sports Air Hockey Table (G/J)($899)
    Trevor 2000 Chealsey 750 Peter 1201 STACI-JEAN 1200

    Chealsey could win $20,000 because Time is Money

    Gold Bond Body Lotion
    Green Giant Steam Crisp Corn
    Tums Smoothies Antacid
    Pantene Shampoo
    4Pk Hansen's Natural Mixed-Fruit Juiceboxes

    $0 to $2.99 $3.00 to $5.00 $6.00 & Up
    Corn Shampoo Lotion $20,000 NO
    Juice Tums

    Corn Shampoo Lotion 19,025 NO
    Juice Tums

    Corn Tums Lotion 16,662 YES
    Juice Shampoo

    Showcase Showdown #1
    $ 1,969 Anetria 20 + 10 30
    8,691 Diane 80 Through to the Showcases
    17,561 Chealsey 25 + 95

    Treasure Baysinger

    4 DvF Dress, Marc Jacobs Purse & YSL Shoes (R)($1671)
    Trevor 900 TREASURE 3000 Peter 759 Staci-Jean 1750

    Trevor could win a Caribbean yacht trip or a Barcelona
    Shopping was left up to the #UDEcide folks.

    Trevor is off on a 6n Luxury Caribbean Yacht Cruise (J)
    but he'll have to win Double Prices

    $14,239 $14,239 $14,239
    $14,239 WIN

    Andrew Hochradel

    5 Nautilus Treadmill (J)($1799)
    ANDREW 1475 Treasure 1200 Peter 1900 Staci-Jean 1901

    Andrew would like to win A Pair of Kymco Compagnio
    110i Scooters (G) worth $5,998 if Yodely Drew *OR*
    Yodely Rachel make it through a playing of Cliff

    #UDecide to have Yodely Rachel traverse the mountain.

    Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle $15 $23 8
    Krups Electric Egg Boiler 30 36 6 to 14
    Anti-drip Steam Iron 32 48 16 to LOSS

    Live yodelling provided by Rachel.

    Leroy Sampson Mobley

    6 Luna Guitars Acoustic Electric Guitar (G)($1100)
    LEROY 1600 Treasure 999 Peter 1200 Staci-Jean 650

    Treasure might win a Hyundai Elantra SE (std, 6-spd auto,
    cargo net, wheel locks, auto-dimming mirror, homelink,
    remote start, Bongiovi power station, paint & fabric
    protection)(J) and some other stuff if she can handle some

    The first digit is free 2
    2 GoPro Hero4 Cameras $1000 1
    Stainless Dishwasher 699 6
    Cash 3338 8
    Laptop & Printer 755 5

    Treasure is ok with her price of $21,685 and prizes worth
    $5,792 is too much Temptation. She won't go for the car.
    Did she do the right thing?

    20 Yes!
    20685 ARP

    Showcase Showdown #2
    $ 1,858 Andrew 25 + 10 35
    6,892 Treasure 85 95
    15,910 Trevor 85 25


    Top Winner: Diane
    Runner Up: Treasure

    SC1 - Treasure
    BID $21,000 Burlington, VT (6n) & A Hot Air Balloon Ride (R)
    ARP 26,390 Honolulu, HI (6n, Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa)
    DIF 5,390 Dubai, UAE (6n, Hotel Armani Dubai)(G)
    TTL $33,282

    SC2 - Diane
    BID $24,975 Beachcomber Hot Tub (J)
    ARP 38,798 Lisa Freede 5ct Diamond Necklace (R)
    DIF 13,823 Volkswagen Beetle (std)(G)

    Games Won: 2 for 6
    Total Won: $79,271

  3. yep, today episode wasn't nothing special. at least el skunko wasn't this time.

    1. I wouldn't say that necessarily... 3-for-6 with a Tempty bailout, for a daily total just shy of eighty grand, isn't exactly anything to sneeze at. It's miles ahead of Tuesday's skunking.