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Friday, May 15, 2015

Nothing today

Because my DVR ate today's recording (I barely got through the first IUFB before I got cut off with the dreaded "Recording space full" error), there will be no recap from me today.  I refer you to other sources, such as Golden-Road, Qwizx, and GSKingdom for your fix today.

(With the warning in advance that today's show featured That's Too Much! and Stack the Deck as the car games.  Yeah, somebody back there was out for blood.)

Sorry folks. We'll try again on Monday.

Weekly stats will be posted by this evening.


  1. I know One Wrong Price was won. And $11,600 was won in Plinko ($100, then $500, then $1,000, and finally $10,000 skipping the $0!)

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  3. The only nice thing about "That's Too Much!" was the Bean Stalker cue being played for the car. Other than that, it was its usual crappy self. Need I say more about "Stack the Deck"?

  4. today brief results, nothing today, nothing speical.
    push over : loss
    one wrong price : won
    stack the deck : painful loss - despite last free three number, contestant loses $19,874 kia forte.($3K under)
    check game : loss
    plinko! : tech won(4 chips - $11,600)
    that's too much : loss - though $500 bonus this time.

    showcase showdown : both car loser become showcases.(first showcase is spin-off playing)
    showcases round : nothing special, though that's too much player won by $33.(trip : $20,689-$19,550=$1,139, car:$30,135-$29,163=$1,172)