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Friday, June 26, 2015

Recap hiatus...

Long story, short version, I'm in the hospital needing to have my gall bladder removed.  Yes, this is the same thing that happened to my father not long ago, but for a different reason.

So that's where I've been.  What a way to wrap up a season, but there you are.


  1. My mom had hers removed not long after I was born! That doesn't sound like a fun experience, and I hope it never happens to me. :(

    I'm just thankful that we have other places to turn to for TPIRecaps. As chaotic as the fandom let itself get through Seasons 37 to 41 (approximately), could you imagine how much WORSE things would be if you (or anyone else) were the only source?

  2. Devin,

    I feel your pain. I got my gall bladder removed some time in March. Take care!

    Logging off,
    Dr. Thinker

  3. brief results 6/24~6/26 episode(S is showcase player)
    lucky seven : loss at fourth number
    safe cracker : loss(S)
    plinko : won $600(three chips)
    coming or going : won
    one away: loss
    make your move : loss(S- $31,595)
    total winning : $46,567

    pick-a-number : loss
    bonus game : loss(two windows are won)
    line em' up : loss(S - $26,102)
    do the math : won
    that's too much : loss(S)
    grand game : wipeout(won $1)
    total winning : $42,295

    money game : loss(won $227 - $19,971)
    range game : loss(S)
    hi-lo : won(second time won of all-time)
    push over : loss
    gas money : loss $3K(two picks)
    secret X : won(second time won of all-time, S-$49,063)
    total winning : $72,940(both scsd are tie-break)